introduces new beachwear and lace bodysuit underwear

MarediModa lace bodysuit underwear introduces new beachwear and lingerie trends for S/S 2015

Travel has become the new inspiration theme for the fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2015 season created exclusively by David Shah the View Team for MarediModa that will be taking place from 11-13 November 2014 at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

All four beachwear trends are light hearted and playful. The first of the two lingerie chapters finds us in Fantasia, a place of futuristic glamour, strange and extroverted, whereas the other, Montmartre, invites us to Paris, where Toulouse Lautrec painted his nightlife scenes.

Hollywood poolThese are the places where the jet set congregate – poolside, cocktail glass in manicured hand, looking spectacular.

With the confident nonchalance of movie stars, these divine beings shimmer and sparkle in golden metallic swimsuits, bejewelled and accessorised. Others parade in vintage floral, structured beachwear, while the more sultry prowl, languidly in wildlife-patterned, sensual swimwear.

Art colonyThis is a young look, clever and creative that takes swimwear forward by pushing the boundaries of shape and colour.

Intellectual, freewheeling play on Pop Art graphics and Roy Lichtenstein cartoons, combined with an adventurous use of technical fabrics leads to surprising and eye-catching designs with energising graphics.

The experimentation continues as breakthroughs in digital printing allow luminous, kaleidoscopic colour effects, multi-layered patterns, metallic finishes and unique garments.

Vintage beachThe sound of crickets and the shimmering heat of the afternoon: Sicily, with its sunburned colours, brightly painted fishing boats, folk traditions and crafts is a constant source of inspiration.

Nostalgic memories of family trips to sunny destinations flood back to warm us. Traditional ceramics, vintage fabrics and heritage crafts all celebrate the climate and lifestyle.

AtlantisInspired by a fantasy underwater world where the sound track features the muffled rush of bubbles and lapping water and the scenery is dreamy and ghost-like with rippling reflections, shadows and diffused glow.

The story involves fantastic creatures, seahorses and mermaids, with pearlescent scales and flowing, iridescent hair. Light is bent and reflected, all is relaxing.

FantasiaHow lace bodysuit underwear will seduction take place in the future? Designers take all they know of the mysterious arts of temptation and apply hi-tech wizardry to perform alchemy.


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